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Phil Pace

Consistency is ‘Secret Sauce’ for Legendary Phil’s BBQ

It’s more than the mesquite grilled ribs and chicken. It’s more than the great people. For Phil Pace, owner of San Diego’s celebrated Phil’s BBQ, the secret to success is consistency. He calls this philosophy “Phil’s Way” – the one right way, every time.

Customers line up nearly around the block every day for the Phil’s BBQ experience, but Pace would tell you it’s not just the food that has built his singular brand, but also his careful, consistent approach to business. This ranges from keeping a sharp eye on costs, motivating employees and giving back to the community (appropriately called “PHILanthropy”) to building relationships with responsive suppliers and business resources.

“I look for partnerships where I can build trust,” said Pace.

His demanding outlook certainly applies to expectations for his bank. Said Pace about his banker at Torrey Pines Bank: “He’s there when I need him and he’s very sensitive to my needs. I like doing business with people who also hold themselves accountable and do the right thing.”

Phil's BBQ Food

My standards are extremely high when it comes to customer service.”

Phil Pace

What’s important to our clients is important to us. We work to support some of the charitable causes that matter to Phil’s BBQ, including Big Brothers Big Sisters events and the San Diego Humane Society.”

Tom Woolway / Senior Vice President, Regional Manager
Torrey Pines Bank
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