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Boundary-less Banking

Jim Haught, Western Alliance Bank President and COO, has a clear view on how the bank delivers everything that its “national presence, regional footprint” structure means for customers. It’s about bringing seamless banking to businesses whether they are located in our regional geographies or anywhere else in the country.

“We are very conscious of our hybrid approach – local decision-making and responsiveness paired with significant centralized capabilities,” said Haught. “This helps our bankers be at the center of the customer relationship, with all the processes and technologies in place to complement the service our bank is known for.”

He added, “We are a $23 billion bank with the risk management and credit monitoring programs of a $50 billion bank. So, we can operate more like a smaller, specialized bank with all the customer service and expertise this entails, and go beyond to offer the robust capabilities of a much bigger bank.”

Jim Haught

Our job is to make it easy for clients to engage with the bank no matter how or when they need us – whether it’s 10 a.m. on a Tuesday or 10 p.m. on a Saturday.”

Jim Haught / President and Chief Operating Officer
Western Alliance Bank
Various National Businesses